Wall & Ceiling manual 2012 The Fifth Edition 2012 Wall and Ceiling Specification Standards Manual will be released as an On-Line product as of May 15 2012.This manual is designed to level the playing field when it comes to industry standards of practice for wall and ceiling work. This standard brings together in one place all the major industry standards of practice. Users include the specifying authorities, architects, engineers, general and trade contractors, building officials, municipalities and regional districts, and a growing list of legal firms are purchasing the standards as well.

Don't Start Your Job Without It!

     How to use the manual - an online sample of the manual's contents.
     Introduction - the introduction from the manual.
     References - the references and standards listing from the manual.

Transition to New Standard

This 2012 Manual supercedes the 2003 Edition. The effective date of the change over will be May 31 2012 This will allow a 15 day overlap between the 2003 version and the new 2012 version, which is available as of May 15 2012

During this transition, Projects specified and bid under the 2003 Edition should conform to that edition. Effectively June 01 2012 however, project Specifications must reference the 2012 Edition.

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